Licensed Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy applies evidence-based therapeutic exercise. These evidence-based guidelines are an integral part of the specialized practice of adapted physical activity and clinical exercise physiology, which is a sub-specialty of exercise physiology, and applies to persons diagnosed with chronic disease or a medical condition and is part of a comprehensive medical treatment plan. These conditions include, but are not limited to, cardiovascular disease (such as myocardial infarction), pulmonary disease (such as COPD, asthma), metabolic disease (such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension), musculoskeletal (such as arthritis, osteoporosis), neuromuscular (such as stroke, MS) and immunological diseases(such as cancer).

Exercise Therapy provided by Health Matters FZ-LLC is often part of a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to your treatment plan.  The Health Matters Exercise Therapist works with your doctor, dietician and behavior change specialist/psychologist to provide you with the most comprehensive and effective treatment for your condition.  This team approach also ensure you get the best advice and guidance from each healthcare professional which is specialized in his or her field.  This team will work together in a coordinated way in order to get the best results for you!  

Your doctor said you need to exercise but aside from walking, you don’t know what else to do or what else you can do safely?

You’re not sure what exercises you should be doing?

You are worried about hurting yourself because of a pre-existing injury, condition or disease?

You already tried exercising and hurt yourself or experienced pain or discomfort?

You are not sure if the exercises you are doing are benefiting you?

You don’t know how far you can push yourself safely?

You don’t know where to start?

You started but then stopped for a number of reasons…You just can’t seem to stick with it?

You find the gym intimidating?

You need someone with the proper background, qualifications and experience to guide you!?

The Exercise Therapist will address these questions and many others you may have and help find the answers. With you, he will discover what works for you and how you can stay physically active and actually improve your overall health despite your condition. He will work to put you on the path to a healthier life!

If you suffer from a chronic condition such as diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, arthritis, osteoporosis, metabolic syndrome, a cardiac condition to name a few, or any combination of these, Haig is there to assist you in your quest for better health in collaboration with your medical treatment. Adapted Exercise can play an important role in the treatment and/or management of your condition and greatly enhance your quality of life. You can rest assured that you are working with a professional that understands your condition and is trained to provide you with the required and effective exercise suited for you.

In addition, if you have suffered an orthopedic injury such as a ligamentous or tendinous injury, a bone fracture or a joint issue and have finished your usual medical treatment plan as well as your physiotherapy regimen, the Exercise Therapist can help ease your apprehension regarding future exercise. If you find yourself reluctant to returning to being physically active again or have engaged in exercise and experienced pain or another injury, the Exercise Therapist will guide you through a safe exercise prescription, avoiding contraindicated movements and adapting any particular exercise in order to gain maximal effectiveness and conditioning while avoided re-injury or pain. It is extremely important to continue to engage in exercise post-physiotherapy, not only for general health reasons, but also to prevent weakness and re-injury in the future.

Nurture and strengthen your health instead of simply living everyday managing your disease or condition.

The Exercise Therapist is here to help you engage in the right exercise for you and make it a part of your everyday life!

Some of the Benefits of professional Licensed Exercise Therapy for the patient:

  • Effective, evidence-based and safe adapted physical activity program, implemented by a professional with the proper background, will assist in the treatment of the patient’s condition.
  • Having the licensed Exercise Therapist work closely with the patient improves the prospects of long-term positive behavior change in the patient. The Licensed Exercise Therapist will usually see the patient post-physiotherapy if applicable.
  • A good way to achieve overall long-term health benefits and disease prevention (1)
  • Provides the patients with a more holistic approach to her or his treatment plan.
  • Helps the patients understand better their overall health and fitness status and their particular condition.

Do yourself a favor and ask your physician about a referral to a Licensed Exercise Therapist today... you'll be glad you did!

(1) Hedback, B., Perk, J., Hornblad, M., Ohlsson, U. Cardiac rehabilitation after Coranary bypass surgery: 10-year results on mortality, morbidity and readmission to hospital. Journal of Cardiovascular Risk, 2001; 8:153-158

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