About Haig


Initially, I was referred to Haig Balekian by Dr. Uchil Lalit, Medical Superintendent, Internal medicine specialist, of the Welcare Ambulatory Care Hospital in February 2008 for reasons related to high cholesterol count. The options were immediate medication or lifestyle change. After 5 months of working three times a week with Haig, cholesterol count was decreased by 22% and after 18 months by 38% to a sub normal value through guided and adapted physical activity and nutritional recommendations.

Other benefits of Haig’s support include:

  • Avoidance of neck surgery on a significantly herniated disc at C5/C6 level through adapted physical activity that also allowed prevention of injury and greater awareness of body posture and position facilitating improved general performance and return to active sports, e.g: scuba diving
  • Reaching a high level of fitness that allowed for competitive involvement at open sea kayaking
  • Engaging in training sessions that were designed to prepare for an 8 day expedition to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro (5895 m), along with specific guidance and recommendations to achieve a level of physical fitness that resulted in meeting this challenge with confidence, and succeeding without injury.
  • Marked increase in ability to manage stress and improved quality of social life.

Haig has a unique talent to inspire, challenge and motivate one to continuously move beyond set goals and achieve more then thought possible.

His knowledge across a range of disciplines, such as physiology, nutrition and psychology, ensures that sessions whilst highly focused remain holistic and as a result lifestyle changing.

Cedric M.,PhD Executive Director: Human Resources and General Administration Dubai, UAE

Haig has been my Exercise Therapist and general health and well being consultant for just over 2 years. Though I am fast approaching my 40th year, I am happy to say that I am probably in the best shape I have ever been in, this is primarily due to the work that I have been doing with Haig. Not least of the changes I have experienced is a significant drop in my cholesterol levels of about 35% to 139.

First and foremost, Haig's attention to detail in his approach to the my well being has been relentless, from the general health assessments to the minutia in monitoring and correcting every repetition while exercising thus ensuring the maximization of benefit from any activity we engage in. His knowledge of the human body is second to none, and I should know having worked with numerous personal trainers and having a nutritionist and Pilates trainer for a spouse.

Throughout this time, Haig never rested on his laurels, but has always been in a state of self-development in his field, through continued education as well as broad based readings. I have thoroughly enjoyed our discussions on these various issues, and Haig has a knack for making the time fly during a workout.

On a personal level, Haig is an incredibly positive person, who is able to bring that positivity to our work together and hence maintain the motivation levels, this combined with his extensive knowledge of people psych, produces the results that people want from such a relationship.
 I am very happy to know Haig, and highly recommend him to anyone looking to engage in a relationship with someone that can transform their overall wellbeing.

Nassim G. Corporate Executive Dubai, UAE

I have trained with Haig Balekian for two years at a professional training studio and he has been a great support to me in ensuring my physical well-being in trying to challenge me according to my capabilities and also in providing a great wealth of insight and information on the physiology related to physical wellness and fitness. This information was factual and scientific and was explained in a way which would enable me to understand the benefits of exercise, sleep and nutrition in the short term and the long term as well. Haig was also helpful in reminders to continue to exercise regularly as a lifestyle choice, to eat properly at regular intervals and to take any necessary medication. Haig is very educated, experienced and knowledgeable in his area of expertise and I would recommend him highly.”

Andrey Hollinger Attorney-at-Law Montreal, Canada

Haig, I just wanted to say that your professionalism and knowledge are greatly missed. I have worked with many trainers throughout the years but no one comes close to you. Your knowledge of the human body and the way you organize your workouts, making sure every muscle is worked-out, and that it is all perfectly balanced. You educated me in my food intake and helped me reshape my body. My sessions were not only very good and challenging you also made them interesting. You understood my body and how far you could push me. Throughout the time that I have been seeing you, I never got hurt, that to me was so very important, and that was directly related to your expertise. Having had 2 knee surgeries, 2 foot surgeries and a fragile back and neck, your knowledge, protected me and at the same time helped me strengthen my weaknesses.”

Rita Mayo Retired, Montreal, Canada

I began weight training with Haig as a complete novice and worked with him for over three years, two to three times a week. Although I have always been physically active, tennis, jogging and yoga, it was a challenge for me and an awaking to the essential benefits of strength training. To train with Haig was my good fortune. He is supremely professional and knowledgeable in his approach in helping clients reach their goals toward better health and fitness. I had the added hurdle of a knee injury which we worked through for the better part of a year. With Haig, I learned what training would help me avoid future injuries of a similar nature. As my Exercise Therapist, he taught me good form and technique including how to co-ordinate the breath. Every session was varied just enough to engage as many muscle groups as necessary but, also, to hold my interest i.e. keep my brain as well as my body alert to new challenges. Haig takes a holistic approach to strength training which includes attentiveness to diet and commitment to working out regularly. The fact that Haig is committed to his own strength training and is exceptionally fit inspires confidence based on real experience. He has clear communication skills and is excellent in demonstrating correct technique. He is very thorough and takes safety seriously. Working with him brought me to a level of fitness and body awareness that actually made it possible to work with another trainer when the time came for him to leave. That is the mark of truly excellent instructor. I am grateful to Haig for teaching me so much about my body and what the best exercises are for me specifically. As a result, I am committed and actually enjoy exercising as an essential component of my mental and physical well-being.”

Caroline Lindsay Hart Professor McGill University Montreal, Canada

I have known Haig Balekian for over 8 years and have worked with him at Premier Studio in Montreal during much of that time. Haig was employed as an exercise therapist and he used his skills in many different capacities. Part of Haig’s job description was to evaluate, design and implement health/fitness exercise programs to a diverse group of corporate individuals. His in depth knowledge of strength development and nutrition made Haig an excellent instructor for us. He used his skill set to challenge clients to achieve their weight loss and strength gain goals. His background in athletic therapy also allowed him to work with clients who had specific injuries and contraindications. He was capable of being effective in helping clients reach their goals, while simultaneously avoiding injuries. His knowledge of physiology and background in injury helped him deal with certain orthopedic limitations and injuries as well as with patients with chronic conditions.

Haig was also very effective as both a motivator and educator when it came to his clients. He always focused on teaching and empowering through knowledge. As a result, he was one of the most requested professionals in our organization. We were very sad to see him go and I would not hesitate to hire Haig back again should he wish to return to Montreal.

Paulo Saldanha MSc., CSCS, Director of Premier Studio, Montreal, Quebec, Canada