Initial Assessment

An assessment is usually done before starting any type of exercise program in order to establish the patient’s/client’s/athlete’s baseline values of fitness level and their present health risk and identify any contraindications that may not be apparent. This will be a crucial component in the development and design of a tailor made exercise prescription.

The assessment will provide us with the following information:

  • Body Composition (% body fat,% lean muscle,% body water)
  • Cardiovascular capacity (heart and lung function)
  • Muscular endurance test, evaluating threshold of muscle fatigue and depletion
  • Muscular strength test as an indicator of bone density, integrity of ligaments, tendons and muscle fibers themselves
  • Flexibility test, evaluating the length of tendons and muscles and tightness of fascia
  • Movement analysis: Functional testing for specific muscle or muscle groups for clients with particular complaints with movement or previous underlying injuries
  • Dietary assessment: eating habits can be evaluated and guidelines set by professional registered dieticians can be recommended
  • Stress assessment
  • Sleep assessment
  • Proprioceptive assessment, i.e. assessing balance and stability (done only in some cases)

A hard copy of all results and recommendations will be provided